Get Ready To Whoosh, Whoa, and Zap.

- At least five people
- A lot of energy



- Players stand in a circle passing around the imaginary “Whoosh Ball”.

- One person plays the role of the “Whoosher”. This person stands outside the circle and gives one of these five commands:

1. WHOOSH – pass the ball to the person on your right.

2. WHOA – reverse directions.

3. ZAP – pass the ball to someone across the circle.

4. BOING – everyone jumps at the same time.

5. FREAK OUT – everyone changes places while screaming and waving their arms in the air.


If someone passes it incorrectly, they are out until the next round. The last 2 people standing win!



For the first couple of rounds, it’s a good idea for the “Whoosher” to give the command with the instructions.

For example:
– “Whoosh to the right!”
– “Whoa, reverse!”
– “Zap it across!”
– “Boing, everybody jump!”
– “Freak Out, change places!”

Show us how you Whoosh!
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Debrief Questions

1. Describe this game in 3 words or less. What about it was (the words you chose)?


2. Can you think of another time in your life when you experienced those same kind of feelings?


3. What was the most difficult thing about this game? How did you deal with that difficulty?


4. What will you do differently the next time you face a similar difficulty?