Who Can Cross The River First?


- Three or more people

- About 4 or 5 “stepping stones” – anything that you can safely step on and don’t mind getting dirty or wet



1) Identify two shorelines on either side of an imaginary river.

2) Give each person one stepping stone to hold on to. The group must use their stepping stones to cross the river without anyone falling in.


If anyone’s foot touches the river, the whole group has to start over!



Make the game harder or easier by removing or adding stones! One person can play the role of the Stone Stealer. If, at any point, one of the stepping stones does not have a person’s foot on it, the Stone Stealer removes it from the group.

Show us your skills!
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Debrief Questions

1. How did your group decide on a plan for crossing the river?

2. Did anyone have an idea that they wanted to share, but never got a chance to?

3. What can we do next time to make sure that it’s not just the loudest person who makes all the plans?