Let's Razzle and Dazzle.


- Four or more people

- A ball of any kind



1) Split into two even teams and identify two end zones for your field of play.

2) One team begins with the ball in their own end zone and tries to pass it up the field to the opposite end zone. The person who has the ball in their hands cannot move.

3) The opposing team tries to intercept the ball or knock it to the ground. If they are successful, they begin passing the ball to the opposite end zone.


Each score is 1 point, and the opposing team gets the ball after a score. The first team to five points wins!



It’s best to make sure that players of the same skill level are matched up against one another. Remember, you can use any kind of soft, toss-able ball – it doesn’t have to be a football.

Show us your touchdown moves!
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Debrief Questions

1. Did you find yourself getting upset with the other team at any point during this game? What happened that made you upset?


2. What do you wish they would have done instead?


3. How would you change the game to make it more fair and more fun for everyone?