Get Ready To Strike Like A Ninja.


- At least three people
- Quick reflexes



1) Players stand in a circle, each one poised to strike like a ninja. You remain motionless until your turn.

2) When it’s your turn, you make one, quick motion to try to tag the arm of a player to your left or right. That player can make one, quick move to try to avoid being tagged.

3) After striking, you must remain frozen in that position until it’s your turn again or someone tries to strike you. Once both of a player’s arms have been tagged, they are out until the next round.

4) The youngest ninja goes first, and then play continues to the left. Remember, the only time you can move is when it is your turn, or when someone is striking at one of your arms! You can only make one, quick move, and then you are frozen again in that new position.


The last ninja standing wins!



Older or bigger ninjas need to be careful not to tag too hard. Chopping and slapping are not cool! Make it a swift but soft tag with the soft part of your fingers, if possible.

Show us how your Ninja skills!
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Debrief Questions

1. Who seemed to have the best strategy? What helped them win?

2. If you had it to do over again, what would you do differently?


3. If you could pick one superpower to help you with this game, what would it be and why?


4. What could you do to develop a real skill that is similar to that superpower?