A Game Of Opposite Instincts.


- Any soft, bouncy ball

- 3 or more people



- Circle up with one person in the middle holding the ball - this person is the Tosser. Everyone else must do the opposite of what the Tosser tells them.

- If the Tosser says, "Head it!" you catch the ball with your hands. If they say "Catch it!" you head-butt it back to them. If you do the wrong thing, you're out until the next round.


The last person left in the circle wins!



For younger players, toss the ball higher in the air to give them more time to react. Also, make sure every toss is high enough for the person to head-butt it.

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Debrief Questions

1. (To the winner) What was your strategy? How were you able to do so well?


2. What was it like not being able to trust your instincts?


3. Can anyone think of a time when you did what seemed right, only to find out that it was not the best decision?


4. What are some ways you can be more sure you're doing the right thing, not just what seems right in the moment?