Get Ready To Run.


- Four or more people

- At least five soccer balls, kickballs, or footballs

- Two goal markers



1) Setup a soccer field with two goals on the far ends of your field.

2) Put at least 5 balls on the mid-line. Divide the teams up evenly and have everyone put a foot on their own goal.

3) Everyone shouts, “3-2-1-FREEDOM!” Then it’s a free-for-all until all of the balls are in the goals. Traditionally, there are no boundaries at all. Every ball is open game until it gets into a goal.


The team with the least amount of balls in their goal wins!

Oh, and don’t forget to assign someone brave to play goalie!



Do NOT play this game near a road – backyards or local parks only. This game is not conducive to different levels of physicality. Older players should never play with younger ones.

Show us how you play!
Send in your pictures and videos to be featured on My Play.

Debrief Questions

1. What makes Freedom Soccer better than regular soccer? What makes it worse?


2. Why is that (your answer to the first question) so important to you?


3. In what ways do you think God wants to provide more of that (your answer to question one) for you? In what ways do you think He wants to protect you from too much of that?