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Whoosh Ball

Players stand in a circle passing around the imaginary “Whoosh Ball”. If someone passes it incorrectly, they are out until the next round. The last 2 people standing win!


Players stand in a circle, each one poised to strike like a ninja. When it’s your turn, you make one, quick motion to try to tag the arm of a player to your left or right. The last ninja standing wins!

freedom soccer

Setup a soccer field with two goals on the far ends of your field. Put at least 5 balls on the mid-line. Everyone shouts, “3-2-1-FREEDOM!” Then it’s a free-for-all until all of the balls are in the goals.


Teams of two try to make it through the minefield without stepping on a mine. The quickest team to complete the minefield wins!

stepping stones

Identify two shorelines on either side of an imaginary river. The entire group must cross the river using only the stepping stones. 

razzle dazzle

Split into two even teams and identify two end zones for your field of play. Teams begin with the ball in their own end zone and try to pass it up the field to the opposite end zone. 

head-it, catch-it

Circle up with one person in the middle holding the ball, this person is the Tosser. All you have to do is the opposite of what the Tosser tells you to do. The last person left in the circle wins!

mini golf

Set up a putt putt course in your home by placing several plastic cups on their side all around the house. The lowest score wins!

frisbee golf

Take turns trying to toss the frisbee all the way to the target. The first person to throw the frisbee to the target in the least amount of tries wins!

balloon balance

Blow up a balloon as big as you can without popping it. Then try to balance it on your hand, your head, your knee, or your foot!

seal ball

Players stand in a circle and hit the ball up in the air, trying to keep it from falling to the ground. No one can hit the ball twice in a row and no one can catch the ball and re-toss it. 


Use tape or chalk to set a course on the ground. Try to get through the course as fast as you can without falling off! If you want to take it up a notch, grab a friend and a blindfold.

american kick-it

Setup a pitcher’s base and a home plate at a distance that works for your group. One player is the kicker, one is the pitcher, and everyone else is in the field on defense. Get ready to Kick-It!



This is an indoor version of the basketball game HORSE or PIG. If one person makes their shot, the next person has to try and make the same shot. The last person to spell the word PRAISE wins!

finger painting

Brainstorm with a friend and pick something to paint together. Divide the work in half, so each person is responsible for making a part of the painting.

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