Can You Kick-It?


- Two or more people

- A kickball or beach ball

- Two bases



1) Setup a pitcher’s base and a home plate at a distance that works for your group. One player is the kicker, one is the pitcher, and everyone else is in the field on defense.

2) The pitcher rolls the ball to the kicker who kicks it as far as they can and runs directly to the pitcher’s base then back again to home. They keep running back and forth until they are tagged with the ball (below the waist).

3) The kicker gets one point for every base they reach, but if their kick is caught in the air, they get zero points. All players rotate until everyone has kicked 3 times.


The highest score after 3 kicks wins!



The fewer players you have, the more important it is that you use a ball that won’t go too far when kicked. A beach ball is a great option if there are only two players.

Show us how you Kick-It!
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Debrief Questions

1. Kicking, running, catching, throwing, pitching: which was your favorite part of the game and why?


2. This game puts you on your own at times – going against everyone else. How did that feel?


3. What are some situations in life where it’s better to have a team than to do it on your own?