The Hype Comes Home!

Join CAA Play For Family Fun Nights Hosted By CAA + 24/7 Games Library + Weekly Live Shows

CAA Play Is Families Connecting, Kids Moving, and Everyone Making Memories Together!


To best serve and love every Camp All-American family this summer, we're introducing a platform that anyone can enjoy from their own cozy home or favorite place to play.

We believe that what makes Camp All-American special is much more than the facilities we all love - it's the people. The meaningful community in this place and the endless amounts of fun as we dance a little crazy, find biblical truth in life, and create meaningful moments in ordinary environments is what makes Camp All-American the place to be.

CAA Play brings Camp All-American anywhere and everywhere you go.


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Share How You Play With Friends & Other Families!

Show Us Your CAA Play Moments & We'll Share Them

From Family Game Nights to breaking your Seal Ball record, we want to share your moments with other camp families and hear about your CAA Play experience.

Here Are Some Games To Check Out Now!

Whoosh Ball

Players stand in a circle passing around the imaginary “Whoosh Ball”. If someone passes it incorrectly, they are out until the next round. The last 2 people standing win!


Players stand in a circle, each one poised to strike like a ninja. When it’s your turn, you make one, quick motion to try to tag the arm of a player to your left or right. The last ninja standing wins!

freedom soccer

Setup a soccer field with two goals on the far ends of your field. Put at least 5 balls on the mid-line. Everyone shouts, “3-2-1-FREEDOM!” Then it’s a free-for-all until all of the balls are in the goals.


Teams of two try to make it through the minefield without stepping on a mine. The quickest team to complete the minefield wins!

Camp All-American Loves Kids & Loves To See Them Play!!!

Camp All-American cares deeply for every camper and every camp family because we believe God deeply cares for every camper and family.

CAA Play is how we hope to be a part of families' lives this summer as we strive to maintain best safety practices.

We're excited to see you online and look forward to one-day seeing you all again in person.

Don't Miss Being LIVE Together!


Camp All-American wants to be a part of your summer routine in a brand new, exciting way! Three times a week we are going LIVE - two LIVE show environments and one Family Fun Night.

Every Monday at 10:30 AM we host Monday Morning News Live and every Friday at 3:30 PM we bring you a Live Friday Wrap Party.

Let's party!

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We hope every week that your family joins CAA Play you grow closer together, and in some new way dive into the realities of all God has for you and His love towards you.